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Brenda Scarborough

As a Transformational Guide and Coach, Brenda guides creative and big thinkers to be crystal clear on their true calling and deliver on their dreams. She works intuitively and deeply with her clients helping them live more authentic, powerful, expressed, purposeful and fulfilling lives.

Brenda’s logo was inspired by symbols that inform her work; the mathematical infinity equation of nature of the Mandelbrot Set, the Yin Yang symbol (inspired by Nils Bohr) along with rays of light representing spiritual wisdom, expansiveness, inner joy and higher states of consciousness.

Anyone who works with Dominique is blessed to have someone so strong, organised and dependable, and yet so intuitive, patient and kind. She tunes in to her customer really well and delivers more than they ask for. I am delighted with the outcome of my work with her. I tried with others and failed, but Dominique nailed it for me and delivered, on time. Thank you Dominique.


Brenda Scarborough

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