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Chantall McCann

Chantall’s business as a Spiritual Alchemist, based in Denmark has expanded throughout her personal and professional development as a psychotherapist and qualified reader working with the Akashic Records. Her life experiences have gifted her a unique understanding and insight into individual divinity and her deepest passion is to participate in her clients’ journeys of self-discovery and transformation.

We worked together to create an inspiring, dynamic and personal branding solution that would reflect her free-spirited nature and the depth of her services. 

Project Info

Chantall approached me to design a logo and website for her diverse and niche brand of services ranging from Akashic Records readings to psychotherapy and coaching to Space clearing.

The inspiration for Chantall’s brand identity is centered around her unique enthusiasm and soulfulness. The nature of her work is highly sensitive and intuitive, and therefore my design approach seeks to balance her sophisticated professionalism and her free-spirited nature.

The logo icon references personal growth, expansiveness, and higher consciousness, incorporating symbols that resonate strongly with Chantall.

This brand’s personality is personal, creative and passionate, whilst the brand values focus on supporting clients to gain clarity, meaning and purpose about their innate divine gifts in a relaxed and caring manner.

Having Dominique design my logo and website was the best decision I ever made. She’s so talented and skilled, and really listens to your needs so she can create exactly what you have in mind. She’s kind and helpful. I felt very safe and taken care of throughout the entire process due to her high professionalism. I can highly recommend Dominique to be the one who makes your ideas come true.


Chantall McCann

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