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Katherine Glenday

Katherine Glenday is a renowned artist based in Cape Town. This project involved collaborating with Katherine in preparation for her massive biographical retrospective exhibition held in 2014, titled “This Personal & this Particular.” Katherine’s house in Kalk Bay was turned into a huge installation; each room in the house transformed into a rendering of her extremely creative and prolific life.


Project Info

Katherine needed new branding and a printed catalogue designed, as part of the exhibition. This publication evolved as a visual record of conversations between two artists over a number of studio visits, and served as a visual narrative echoing Katherine’s creative process as an artist.

Katherine, primarily a ceramic artist, draws much inspiration from the natural world around her; from light, water, fish to shells and stones. There is a stillness and lightness to her work that I wanted to echo through my designs. I chose a very clean and simple design in order for her work to stand out uncluttered.

For her branding solutions, two new logos were designed for Katherine, the artist, as well as for The Forge, her studio space. Again I opted for clean and minimal design through my font selection. The scope of the project included promotional designs for the exhibition such as the invitations, posters and a selection of postcard sets.


*Photo credits: Katherine Glenday, Katherine Bull, Sam Heuermann & David Ross

With a fine aesthetic sensibility and her sensitive layout skills, Dominique Hazell made a beautiful and conscientious contribution to the production of my catalogue for “This Personal and this Particular”.


Katherine Glenday

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