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Samantha Claire

Samantha’s personal and soulful brand is a blend of her background in yoga, dance, meditation and shamanic practices which she weaves together as an experienced, international coach and facilitator of Deep Meditation retreats, Kundalini yoga teacher, writer and musician.

Samantha and I have worked together for many years developing a strategic direction and refining a harmonious visual language that reflects her core values and intuitive healing services. This brand creates a resonant and meaningful experience for Samantha’s clients. 

Project Info

Together, Samantha and I have worked towards an earthy and soulful yet approachable branding solution referencing her time spent in the Amazon jungle, that will attract the attention of those on a path of conscious living and awakening, looking for tools and support.

I draw much inspiration from Samantha’s vibrant love for life and expression, which is a driving force in all that she does, to create a distinct voice and visual narrative of her professional journey.

Our collaboration also includes marketing and visual designs for her autobiography, “An Open Relationship” and her first album as a singer/songwriter titled, “Come Dance”. Samantha regularly facilitates retreats and musical events around the world and we continue to work together in producing content and marketing material.

Dominque has been designing my websites and print work for several years. I am thrilled with everything she comes up with. She is a pleasure to work with and I trust her creative flow. I love the way she is able to capture the essence of my work and allow it to manifest itself through the design and artwork. She is remarkable in my world.


Samantha Claire

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