Featured projects

A selection of projects collaborating with some of my favourite clients.


I believe creative collaboration uplifts and inspires us towards a greater understanding of ourselves and others. It refines our awareness of our innate gifts and is a way of developing our potential to create positive change in the world.

Chantall McCann

Branding  |  Illustration  |  Website

Katherine Glenday

Branding  |  Art Catalogue  |  Marketing

Lumin Interiors

Branding  |  Art direction

African Gothic

Styling  |  Art direction

Samantha Claire

Branding  |  Illustration  |  Website  |  Marketing

Life with Insulin Resistance

Branding  |  Art direction  |  Website 

Consciousness Fabric

Branding  |  Illustration  |  Website

Tom Shutte

Branding  |  Website

Forest Dancer

Styling  |  Art direction

Pam Golding Properties

Branding  |  Print  |  Marketing

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