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A selection of projects collaborating with some of my favourite clients.


I believe creative collaboration uplifts and inspires us towards a greater understanding of ourselves and others through sacred economics. It refines our awareness of our innate gifts allowing us to connect and offer our unique resonance to the world.

Holistica covers 2021

Brenda Scarborough

Branding  | Illustration  |  Website

Camilla McGill

Branding  |  Website  |  Marketing

Holistica covers 2021


Magazine Design & Layout

Jeremy De Tolly

Branding  |  Website  |  Marketing

Chantall McCann

Branding  |  Illustration  |  Website

Katherine Glenday

Branding  |  Art Catalogue  |  Marketing

Lumin Interiors

Branding  |  Art direction

African Gothic

Styling  |  Art direction

Samantha Claire

Branding  |  Illustration  |  Website  |  Marketing

Life with Insulin Resistance

Branding  |  Art direction  |  Website 

Consciousness Fabric

Branding  |  Illustration  |  Website

Tom Shutte

Branding  |  Website

Forest Dancer

Styling  |  Art direction

Pam Golding Properties

Branding  |  Print  |  Marketing

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